The regenerative operating system

ReVIve.os it's our offer to You!

What is ReVIve.os?

It is an operating system that protects your computer and regenerates 
to each  computer reboot, eliminating all  unwanted changes, 
made  by users. 
ReVIve . os offers however a separate "folder" to preserve
user files in the restore operation. 
ReVIve . os does not requires maintenance.

For whom is ReVIve.os?

Intended to Social Solidarity or Child support Institutions who do not have availability to perform maintenance 

and want to have the equipment available for recreational

or educational purposes.

What are the benefits of an operating system like ReVIve.os?


 SW system regeneration on every computer restart

Totally Free

Graphic operating system without licensing costs.


Auto login, login without password and login with password.

System Tools

Operating system Basic tools (calculator, text editor, file compressor)

Productivity Tools

Basic productivity tools(word processor,
spreadsheet, …)

Games and Internet

Browser and educational games

Secure files 

Partition / separate folder to preserve user files in the restore operation


Automatic or remote updates

Graphical Environment

Icons to major applications on the Desktop


Obsolete and generic HW Support

Easy Installation

 Image installation from DVD / Pen with very little configuration required (network parameter configuration,
image creation))

Easy. Download.

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