NEOS voice

VOIP Telephone Exchange

VoIP Telephone Exchange

Universal communications solution designed for the customer, capable of answering to most different settings and levels of functionality and size.

 Used to optimize your resources and streamline communications with customers, growing in a sustainable way according to your needs.

Enables integration with mobile networks, fixed and VoIP, concentrating your business communications in a state of the art call center.


• Based on SW, allows functionality updates increasing longevity.

• Limitless licensing of internal or external extensions

• Possibility of integration with other systems or applications

• Connection to an existing central system

• Easy maintenance and configuration of the entire telephone network

• Supports any IP terminal which supports the SIP protocol

• Support for various VoIP protocols (SIP, IAX, MGCP, H323, …)

• Interface with the telephone network (POTS, ISDN, PRI)

Cost Reduction

• Reduced investment

• No licensing costs

• Choose operator used by destination number

• VOIP operators integration


• Realtime CDR generation

• Call Recording

Other Features

• Asterisk based IP PBX

• IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

• Call queues with music on hold

• Supports physical FAX and virtual FAX

• Forwarding on no answer

• Call Transfer