NEOS timetravel

Backup System

NEOS timetravel

NEOS timetravel is a next-generation network backup solution. Reliable and proven in demanding enterprise environments, makes it possible for IT departments to implement their backup policy in an efficient way with a significant cost reduction. 

Centrally managed and easy to use, offers advanced storage features that provide quick identification and recovery of lost or damaged files in computer networks of various kinds.

 A backup solution focuses mainly on ensuring the continued existence of an updated copy of relevant information to the company that can be used to recover the original information in the event of data loss.


Backups across different platforms
(Windows, Linux, MacOS, FreeBSD, ...)
Backup different media
Backup to tape, disk or robotic media libraries
Arquitetura de software extensível e multi threaded
Enterprise-class scalability
Free Open Source licenses
Scheduling multiple tasks (simultaneous or not)
Pre and post job scripts implementation