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Monitoring and Warning Systems

Monitoring and Warning Systems

Zabbix is a distributed monitoring solution of enterprise level. Used by companies from various sectors such as Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications, Energy, Food and Production, has proved to be an excellent tool for the installation of complete monitoring systems 24x7 and supervision of IT parks, with reduced costs.

Remote administration via Web provides a global, integrated view of the organization's servers. It includes a wide diversity of actors and parameters to monitor, enabling a broad and effective verification.

Its flexible notification mechanism and easy configuration makes it simple and accessible to use, enabling a remote control in real time, with a reduced reaction time.


Up to 100,000 monitored equipments
Up to 1.000.000 checks
Easy Maintenance
From small to large size implementations
Agents for all platforms
Wide range of checkpoints (memory, disk, CPU, uptime, checksum files, traffic in / out, online users, processes, services, databases, …)
Agentless monitoring (support for SNMP, IPMI)
Collects any type of data
Graphics and network maps
Remote administration via web
Notification mechanism of pre-defined events (SMS, email, IM))
Availability reports and SLA
No licensing costs