Healthcare Callcenter

Integration of VoIP and CRM solutions

Healthcare Callcenter

Integration of VoIP and CRM solutions

The Healthcare Callcenter platform comes from the challenge of creating a single interface for the relationship in telephone contact activity between a call center and its users. 

The client wanted a relationship system with an information model, user-centered with automatic relationship with all secondary information modules, including call logs, allowing operators quick and intuitive access to information during the call center activity. 

The answer came with the integration of two solutions (Sugar CRM and Asterisk), with the availability of a low cost system, with free licensing, where the flexibility of implementation of the various solutions allowed customization according to customer's needs and features.

With an extended period of exploration, the platform is stable, reliable and intuitive for users.


Operating Systems, Databases, Generic Software & Services, OSS software


Design, Deployment, 9x5 Operation & Maintenance


January 2007- Present


CRM, CallCenter, IP PBX

 Specific Features

Integration of records of all telephone calls in the application-interface
Relation between call records and registered users
Call recording with integration into the application-interface
Call waiting indication with registered user ID
Customer Record automatic opening


OS: CentOS
BD: Mysql
Backup: Bacula
OSS: Zabbix
Others: Sugar CRM, Asterisk, PHP, Javascript, PL/SQL


Callcenter: TCare
VOIP Telephone Exchange