IT Consulting

Optimization and increased productivity

IT Consulting

We help you to better understand your business, by producing independent diagnostics, detailed objectives, real needs and working methodologies, anticipating possible future shortages. 

We promote the optimization of your business and increase productivity by proposing solutions that best fit you.

  Infrastructures and Database Applications

     Sometimes simple adjustments to your IT infrastructure are required to keep abreast with the market demands and internal needs. However, there are times that require a change in the company's organization.

     We help you understand how new business applications can transform your operations, we show you how to get new levels of efficiency of your existing applications and processes, and work with you to build a highly available database infrastructure that serves all your requirements,so that you can:
 Increase the availability of data
 Improve performance
• Improve security
• Improve the monitoring and management
• Reduce the total acquisition cost

• Improve business processes
• Lead innovation and collaboration.

  Business Continuity and Critical Situations Recovery

     60% of companies that lose their data close within six months. 93% of companies with no data for 10 days or more, close
within one year. Protect important information, keep productivity, recovery speed and fulfill regulatory requirements to keep your organization
 working in maintenance periods and unexpected events. The NEOS by BOLD provides the following services: 

Ensure that your necessary IT infrastructures can be recovered in a period of time in case of a critical incident.

Identification and classification of information sources. Preparation of data retention and backup policies. 

Recovery plans preparation.

Technological implementation: 
Availability. Ensure that your IT infrastructure performs the functions specified when requested to do so.

Audits and Risk Analysis::
Identification and classification of business support systems. Preparation of availability policies.
Elaborating risk mitigation plans.

Technology implementation: 
Capacity. Ensure that the capacity of existing and planned resources is compatible with the characteristics of service,
with its commitments and with business activity patterns.

Network and system audits
: Bottlenecks identification.

  IT Placement / Outsourcing

     Use our IT professionals to complement your skills and make a more efficient management of your resources. We offer highly qualified professionals, carefully selected to meet the needs of your business. The operational management is fully made by the customer, benefiting from a highly flexible team formation, with high technological capacity for the development of short and medium-term projects.

• Application Architecture
• Application Development
• Business Intelligence
• Cloud Computing
• Database Administration
• Data Architecture
• Data Warehousing
• Database Development
• Administrators Network
• Network analysts
• Network Architecture
• Network Optimization Engineering
• System Administrators
• Systems Analysts
• Technical architect

  IT Service Management

     Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your IT operations by adopting industry best practices such as ITIL-based (IT Infrastructure Library) or ISO standards (International Standards Organization). Our experts ITSM (IT Service Management) can help your company by providing ITSM consulting services, which include:
• Definition of IT service catalog and applications alignment
• Definition and optimization of policies and processes
• Requirements definition and tool selection for IT service management

• Workshops best practice IT Service Management Audit IT service infrastructures

  Data Networks

     Share information more effectively, with greater mobility, access to real-time information, IP telephony and wireless services with network services that help you plan, implement and operate your network infrastructure.

     Service Network Design and Architecture: Plan all stages of your network's life cycle; from pre-implementation and introduction of a new service, to its continuous expansion. Ensure network security by implementing a network designed correctly from the start. We will work with you to draw and design, research, implement or integrate an existing architecture, in a network whose performance is ideal..

     Network Infrastructure Audit and Optimization Services:
When your network is implemented, it is important to check that it is complying with the function for which it was designed. Get a detailed analysis of your network's performance and functionality. This service will assist you in the ability of redistribution of resource planning, supply services and network re-engineering.

     Network Support Services Experienced
professionals provide technical assistance to solve any problem you may have with your network. Activities include a series of industry standard maintenance tasks as well as on site regular visits by appointment. To see all our Outsourcing solutions please check our  “Operations & Maintenance” Services Key Technologies and Services Passive Equipment UTP Cables Fiber Optic Racks (...) Assets Equipment: Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Proxies (.. .) Certification and LAN networks test, WLAN, WAN.


     Is your Information Safe? Can your competitors access information on plans, processes, products, customers or trade secrets? What is the cost of a security failure?

    The cost of security breaches is staggering: according to the study of companies that suffered security breaches, the cost to the business for having exposed their information is around 7.2 million euros per occurrence. Most security failures will result in additional costs for the affected companies. These costs can be divided into two categories:
Recovery costs and financial damage resulting from contractual breaches and compliance violations. The recovery costs range from containment failure, crisis maintenance, research and expertise, to compensation to customers, return of damaged systems, lawsuits, and other penalties.
Reputation loss that will cause loss of future business opportunities. 

     Companies who can not manage their information are seen as unreliable. This is especially true for heavily regulated businesses, including financial services and health care organizations, whose clients tend to hold in high status. Stay protected against security breach threats through proactive reviews and penetration testing services. Our services will help you see your IT services of the perpetrator's point of view, leveraging everyday techniques to identify possible flaws but also to assess their implications in your business.

     All services include detailed reports documenting the testing procedures, confirmed details about security weaknesses and recommendations for correction:
• Penetration test
• Application penetration testing and security Audit
• Web services security Audit
• Source code security Audit
• Wireless systems penetration testing
• Implementation of security policies

  Server Virtualization

     Your computing infrastructures are powerful enough to help you complete your daily tasks. However, with the rapid decline in the cost of computing power, you may be wasting a significant amount of money and maintenance time.

     Raise your servers and storage to the next level of efficiency and cost / effectiveness. Get started today with our service virtualization and optimization platforms. Regardless of size or complexity, we can help: reduce IT requirements and running costs regardless running multiple applications and operating systems on a single server.

     Set your business priorities and maximize server resources by moving workloads quickly and automatically from a virtual space to another. Save on hardware costs, management, infrastructure, power and cooling systems.